Doctor Follow-up

Following Up With Your Doctor

  • If your baby doesn't pass the first hearing screen, follow up with your baby's doctor at your next appointment.
  • Your baby should be tested in a week or two or referred to an audiologist (a hearing expert).
  • An audiologist will conduct a more comprehensive diagnostic exam to identify any issues.
  • It's important that your baby is scheduled for a repeat screen within the first month of life.

What Should I Do With The Results?

  • Bring a copy to the pediatrician or audiologist so that they are aware of the results. It is important to monitor developmental milestones for hearing, language, and speech.

When Will My Baby Need To See An Audiologist?

  • If your baby receives a “refer” result, you should schedule a diagnostic audiology evaluation with an audiologist within 3 months to determine if your baby has hearing loss. Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing disorders and may recommend treatment for your baby if hearing loss is detected.
  • Early intervention is vital to your baby’s auditory development, which affects speech, language, and social development. If your baby receives a “refer” result, it is important to schedule a repeat screen with your pediatrician and/or audiologist.